Top 20 College Movies Students Must See

When you’re in college, movies have never looked more appealing. Given that there are thousands of movies out there, however, might make the process of choosing one quite problematic.

We’ve got you covered – here’s a list of 20 must-see college movies that will help you blow some steam.

Revenge of the Nerds

Few things can be more glorious than nerds standing up to alpha male bullies. Revenge of the Nerds will show you that nerds are actually undercover superheroes.


What do 4 college seniors do while in Europe? You’ll have to find out because what happens in Europe stays in Europe and it’ll make you roar with laughter.


Whiplash has been awarded time and again – righteously so, since jazz has never been so funny. Plus, it’ll compel you to finally start playing with a metronome if you’re studying music.

21 and Over

Friendships built during college last forever and what’s more, they’re alcohol-proof. The perfect movie to watch with your mates.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Do you feel alone and you could use some friends but you don’t know how to approach them? The Perks of Being a Wallflower will come in handy.

Donnie Darko

This is one of the best movies ever made and is scarily clever and entertaining. By the way, it’s not a horror movie – it’s all about science.


IT is as scary as it is funny – it will make you cuddle and laugh, and sometimes both at once.

Good Will Hunting

If there’s a movie that can make you look for your dormant talents, it’s Good Will Hunting.

The Pursuit of Happyness

If you plan on watching a movie with your crush, don’t look any further – this is sure to get her in your arms.

The Martian

Are you sick of everything and you want to get away for a while? Go on Mars by watching the blockbuster The Martian.

Grown Ups

Men never grow up, so don’t feel nostalgic that you’re graduating!  Your “homies” will be the same dorks you knew while in college.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Who said that psychology can’t be entertaining? The movie, made after the eponymous book, is a terrifying excursion in the human mind.

Dead Poets Society

Rules are meant to be broken – the best teaching of the late Robin Williams.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

One of Adam Sandler’s moments of glory – get plenty of water, because you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll become dehydrated

History of the World

Mel Brooks was a genius and if you need further proof for that claim, watch this insane comedy.

Harry Potter

Again, geeks and nerds can turn to be an arch enemy’s worst nightmare.

A Clockwork Orange

Nerve-racking and bone-chilling, A Clockwork Orange is a good choice for a psychological fright night.

Pulp Fiction

I double dare you not to watch this fairly humorous masterpiece!

Lesbian Vampire Killer

Yup – it’s about what the title says it’s about. Two dudes have to face lesbian evil and get rid of it.


There are movies that can hardly be put into words, and Interstellar sure is one of them. Without a doubt one of the most amazing movies of the 21st century.


Now you have it: a good list of movies to watch while not working on your Ph.D. thesis. At this point, you’d be better off by ordering it – can help you with that and you can watch all the movies you want.