Top 20 Best TV Series


Do you have no idea whatsoever what TV show you should watch next? There are plenty of them to choose from. In the following, we’ll present you 20 of the highest-rated, thus most popular, TV shows of all time.

After perusing this guide, you’ll have something to watch for a couple of months (provided you don’t go through a season per night). Without further due, let’s go.

1. The Office (comedy)

the office

The Office is a mockumentary of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin. “What’s funny in that?” you might ask. Well, the show is one of the best comedies ever put on film and you’ll find out why from the very first season.

The employees, managed by the eccentric (and frantic) Michael Scott, are put in all sorts of uncomfortable situations that are sure to make you cry laughing.

2. Sons of Anarchy (drama)

sons of anarchy

Bikers, drugs, and violence – this is Sons of Anarchy in a nutshell. However, there’s an undercurrent of existential angst and philosophy in the show, as well. Definitely worth your attention.

3. Stranger Things (fantasy)

stranger things

Stranger Things shows the adventures of a group of kids that are forced to fight otherworldly forces to save the world. The writing is very Stephen King-like, which will surely appeal to you.

4. Friends (comedy)


Friends almost needs no introduction. If you thought that comedy can’t be made within four walls, this will make you change your mind. Friends is a legendary TV show and if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re really missing out on a fantastic time.

5. Scrubs (comedy)


Who would have ever thought that being a doctor can be so incredibly funny? Scrubs introduces you to the Sacred Heart hospitals and the antics of the various doctors and interns that should work together, but aren’t good at it.

6. The Walking Dead (drama, fantasy)

One of the most gruesome and somehow moving series ever made. If you ever wondered how life would be after a zombie apocalypse, this show is for you. Just remember this: don’t eat anything when you watch it. And it’s not the first-date type of series either.

7. Breaking Bad (drama)

Widely regarded to be the most formidable TV show in the history of TV shows. The adventures of the dying chemistry teacher turned meth-producer, Walter White, will keep you on the tip of your toes.

8. Narcos (drama)

Narcos is, unfortunately, more than a TV show: it’s some people’s reality. It introduces you to the world of drugs and cartels and it does it with style.

9. Vikings (history)

Vikings allows you to visit the glorious and often violent past when Vikings were the most feared warriors on the surface of the Earth.

10. The Leftovers (drama)

The show chronicles the lives of a few New Yorkers that have been left behind after the biblical Rapture. A fresh and quite eerie show that is utterly breathtaking and gives a lot of food for thought.

11. Parks and Recreation (comedy)

Landscaping and improving a city cannot get funnier than this. This shows that officials are not as grown-up as they would like to appear and that sometimes, humor gets more done than seriousness.

12. Deadwood (western, drama)

If you love tales about gunslingers and justice, Deadwood will surely satisfy your craving. Deadwood sucks you into a world where the law is made with the pistol and slaying other people is still very much of a right.

13. Supernatural (fantasy)

Brothers Dean and Sam Winchester hunt all sorts of supernatural beings to avenge their parents, who have been both killed by demons. It’s one of the longest TV shows at the moment, so you’ll be occupied for a long time.

14. Family Guy (comedy)

A dysfunctional family doesn’t necessarily need to be a depressing sight. Family Guy, the brainchild of Seth MacFarlane, is the chronicle of a family that is as funny as it is absolutely insane.

15. Preacher (fantasy, comedy)

Imagine a preacher, a vampire and a daredevil woman joining their forces to find God, who, for some reason, has fled the Heavens. Ludicrous, isn’t it? This is what Preacher has to offer and it won’t let you down.

Tip: if you’re very religious and not into taboos, you might want to skip this show. If not, enjoy an outstanding storyline, good music and some characters with a couple of screws loose.

16. Twin Peaks (drama, crime)

Twin Peaks is among the eeriest and most satisfying TV series you can watch. It tells the story of Dale Cooper, an FBI agent that investigates the death of a young girl. Soon enough, things take a turn for the worse.

17. Mindhunter (crime)

Mindhunter is more of a documentary-show whose purpose is to show you how the mind of serial killers works. Not for the faint of heart.

18. Channel Zero (horror)

This TV series is based on creepypastas from the Internet. As you might expect, it’s as horrifying and blood-curdling as the stories it is based on. This is the kind of show you wouldn’t want to watch when you’re home alone.

19. The Last Man on Earth (comedy)

The last man on earth was quite happy. Until he met two women. And other survivors… A hilarious take on the post-apocalyptic theme that seems to permeate TV shows these days.

20. Workaholics (comedy)

We all see telemarketing as hell on earth, but it’s not always this way. This show proves our claim. It follows the everyday lives of three telemarketers that don’t actually do their jobs as they should, and the result is nothing short of hilarious.

Final Words

There are a lot of outstanding TV shows for you to choose from. Of course, these 20 are just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, new ones appear on a regular basis. Nowadays it’s impossible not to find something worth watching.

We’ve shown you 20 shows belonging to various genres, so just pick one from the list, get a huge popcorn bowl, jump on the sofa and relax.